George Washington Autopark

Winchester Parking Structure Blends Historic Design with Latest Construction Technology

Quick Facts:

  • Project: George Washington Autopark
  • Location: Winchester, Va.
  • Footprint: 170,000 sq. ft.
  • Type of Precast: CarbonCast Double Tees
  • Architectural Firm: Design Concepts
  • Lead GC Firm: Howard Shockey & Sons
  • Precast Company: The Shockey Precast Group

The $7.68 million George Washington Autopark is the city of Winchester, Virginia’s fourth downtown parking structure; adding 540 new parking spaces in the heart of its historic district. Although The Shockey Precast Group has constructed more than 400 parking structures in the Mid-Atlantic region, the George Washington Autopark is the first Shockey parking garage to use CarbonCast Double Tees with C-GRID® carbon fiber reinforcing rather than conventional steel mesh.

C-GRID carbon fiber reinforcing grids are an innovative breakthrough in precast concrete technology. Their use provides owners with parking structures that reduce corrosion, weigh less, and last longer than conventional cast-in-place concrete or steel-reinforced precast parking garages.

The result is a parking structure with exceptional durability, longevity, and economy. C-GRID’s unmatched durability and economy made it a superior choice for The Shockey Precast Group. The decision to use C-GRID also enabled the Shockey team to provide an aggressive construction schedule that satisfied the Winchester Parking Authority’s architectural vision and kept costs within budget.

The 170,000 square-foot, five-story George Washington Autopark is situated between Kent and Cameron Streets adjacent to the newly renovated George Washington Hotel.

It features 532 precast components, including 204 precast double tees reinforced with C-GRID. An architectural thin-brick façade, accented with precast concrete features mimics stacked limestone to complement the neighboring buildings. Also, an enclosed, elevated pedestrian walkway connects the parking structure with the Frederick County Office Complex.

“The precast members employ some unique technology,” states Gary Ball, project manager with Howard Shockey & Sons, general contractor for the George Washington Autopark project.

“The precast includes C-GRID reinforced double tees that help make the structure lighter and stronger. Stainless steel fasteners are being used on the project. Both the carbon fiber and the stainless steel are non-corrosive, thus eliminating what is often a parking garage owner’s biggest maintenance headache – problems relating to corrosion.”

For The Shockey Precast Group, site logistics and limited accessibility presented the greatest challenge during the project. The project’s location in the historic downtown area of Winchester demanded careful planning and coordination by Shockey to ensure a smooth precast erection process and minimum disruption to local traffic patterns.

The site was situated between two existing buildings, which created additional challenges in maneuvering of the crawler crane for erection of the precast components. Working property line to property line, Shockey’s erection crew followed a very precise plan in order to maximize utilization of the available site space.

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