Markets: The Versatility of Precast Concrete. Amplified.

Ready to Meet the Demands of Any Application

Already used in hundreds of projects representing more than 30 million square feet (2.7 million m2) of precast surface area since 2004, CarbonCast technology builds on the sustainability and versatility of precast concrete.

Tucker High School, Metromont Corporation, AltusGroup



ProLogis Distribution Center, Oldcastle Precast Building Systems, CarbonCast High Performance Insulated Wall Panels



Edward Jones, High Concrete Group LLC, CarbonCast Insulated Architectural Cladding

Commercial Office


St. Johns Parking Structure, Metromont Corporation, CarbonCast Double Tee

Parking Structure


 Symphony House, High Concrete Group LLC, CarbonCast Architectural Cladding

Multi-Family Residential


Toyota Dealership, AltusGroup CarbonCast products



On all CarbonCast applications you can realize:

  • Peace of mind: consistent factory fabrication from PCI-certified plants enables greater quality control, superior consistency of finish and greater strength and impermeability
  • Fast-Track Construction: faster to erect, fewer uncontrollable delays, lower costs. (Up to five times faster than field fabrication.)
  • Low Maintenance and Life Cycle Costs: AltusGroup® precasters will provide extensive design and specification assistance, connection detailing, erection planning, erection and other services to ensure a hassle-free, high-quality installation