An unprecedented partnership delivering a unique innovation in precast concrete

AltusGroup offers structural and architectural precast concrete enclosures and double tees with C-GRID® carbon fiber grid that are ideal for your next commercial building application including:

  • National product availability
  • Consistent superior quality
  • Superior technical service and support

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Several of the industry’s largest precast concrete manufacturers and C-GRID® carbon fiber grid developer Chomarat North America established AltusGroup to make CarbonCast® technology and other innovations in precast concrete available throughout North America.

  • AltusGroup Precaster Members

    AltusGroup collectively operates more than two dozen manufacturing and sales locations in the United States, offering over 150 specification-oriented sales, marketing and engineering professionals that generate more than $1 billion in annual revenue.

  • AltusGroup Innovation Partners

    These key precast industry suppliers share a desire to drive innovation. With pooled resources, knowledgeable manufacturing engineers and a national network of PCI certified plants, sales support staff and academic collaborators, AltusGroup can help you achieve design, construction and budget objectives.

AltusGroup provides architects, specifiers, engineers, contractors, developers, and owners easy access to relevant technical information and support, uniform performance standards and high quality products virtually anywhere in the United States and many locations in Europe and Canada.